The "Maybes" in Our Lives

In the singular journey of life, I encountered someone - a moment suspended in time.

Our lives are tapestries of myriad variables - jobs, relationships, friends, family, culture. These elements interweave dynamically, each influencing the other's position. It's akin to a game, and indeed, life is a game we play.

There are those who see life as a gamble, yet overlook the probabilities. Others understand the element of risk.

The former may live blissfully unaware, oblivious to their potential to shape destiny. The latter, however, are cognizant. They recognize that their fate is not solely at the mercy of gods or the caprices of weather. They hold a power to make decisions, to enact changes.

For those who realize their agency in forging the future, the initial step is cultivating opportunities, or at least preparing for them.

At times, we reach a juncture marked by a great tree of possibilities. As our tree flourishes, its beauty captivates us. We document its growth, even as we prepare to prune its branches. Complexity can be overwhelming, but in trimming away certain paths, we highlight the ones most promising. This pruning marks the genesis of new trees in our lives, trees sprouting from the healthiest branches.

The act of pruning is, in essence, a choice to eliminate indecision, focusing instead on the most fruitful possibilities.

I am drawn to the notion of embracing the definitive "period,” while leaving room for ellipses in the vibrant branches.

Consider the paradox of risk aversion: Sometimes, not taking a risk can be more perilous than the act of departure.

"The perfect ain't quite right." 

"The more you fly the more you risk your life."